Fuji SMBE Macquarie

Our Products

  • Main Switchboards
  • Generator Switchboards
  • Distribution Boards
  • UPS Switchboards
  • Motor Control Centres
  • PLC & Instrumentation Panels

Fuji SMBE Macquarie's Wetherill Park facilities have been specified to produce high-safety, high efficiency and cost-efficient product ranges.

These extend from basic Form 1 Distribution Boards to fully type tested 7000A, 100kA, Form 4 Main Switchboards and withdrawable Motor Control Switchboards.

Fuji SMBE Macquarie's designs offer:

  • Custom sizing to suit particular site spaces and issues - choice of height, depth and width
  • Versatile and flexible custom (fully welded) or modular construction which offers both rigidity and adaptability
  • Front and rear access where required, and connection from the top, bottom or sides of panels
  • Type-tested bus bar systems up to 7000 amps
  • Flexibility to enhance, adapt and extend as performance requirements change over years of service

Download Fuji SMBE iNTELECT™ G3 brochure

Download Fuji SMBE iNTEGRITY™ Distribution Board System brochure

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