From apprentice to project controller: Lee masters his destiny with Fuji SMBE Macquarie

From apprentice to project controller: Lee masters his destiny with Fuji SMBE Macquarie

Apprentice Lee Mamouzelos, left, is moving to a project controller role, after Fuji SMBE Macquarie Director, Peter Silsby, right, was impressed with his work ethic, attitude, and technical abilities

An apprentice who has showed leadership and an aptitude for learning, Lee Mamouzelos, is now taking up an exciting new opportunity as a project controller with NESMA member, Fuji SMBE Macquarie.

Lee commenced his apprenticeship in 2022, where he learnt how to build and test switchboards, under the guidance of experienced staff at Fuji SMBE Macquarie, and he progressed so well, he was soon mentoring other apprentices.

“Lee showed a fantastic work ethic and attitude, right from the start,” says Peter Silsby, Director, Fuji SMBE Macquarie.

“He not only showed great skill in mastering the tasks involved with building and testing switchboards, but he displayed great leadership and people skills in guiding newer apprentices following in his footsteps,” he adds.

As part of his apprenticeship, Lee now possesses all the skills required to make a switchboard by himself, which positions him ideally to lead others in the organisation.

“We could see the value Lee can bring to our team, so we’ve offered him a project controller position, and I’m delighted that he has jumped at the opportunity,” says Peter.

“There will be new challenges in the new role, such as learning how to design switchboards, as well as being a focal point for customers, but I have no doubt Lee will excel in these areas, too.”

A supportive environment

Lee says that the support from Peter and the whole team at Fuji SMBE Macquarie has been first class.

“We are treated with total respect, which is key to keeping your confidence, learning as much as you can, and working to enhance your skills,” he says.

Lee Mamouzelos, pictured, says that a supportive environment encourages apprentices to learn, grow their skills, and keep their confidence high

“Apprenticeships with switchboard manufacturers are a niche area often overlooked by those looking to enter the electrical trades, but it gives you a point of difference that is highly beneficial to your career.”

“You also gain experience in control wiring, which you wouldn’t typically get with other electrical apprenticeships.”

Standards compliance

Lee also appreciates the focus on Australian Standards compliance that is one of Fuji SMBE Macquarie’s major focuses, as well as a focus for the National Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers Association (NESMA). Fuji SMBE Macquarie is a proud and active NESMA member.

“It’s worth checking if the switchboard manufacturer you are doing your apprenticeship with is a NESMA member, because they will prioritise safety, quality, and Standards compliance, and this is where you’ll get the best experience,” he says.

Peter adds that Australian Standards compliance will be a key component of Lee’s new role as Project Controller, as he will be responsible for liaising with clients on specifying, building, and installing compliant switchboards for their unique applications.

“In addition to a focus on Standards, Lee is going to be the customer’s focal point for design, drawing, and delivery of switchboards. We are excited for him to take this important next step in his career,” says Peter.